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As a mother and a businesswoman. I am consistently looking out for up-and-coming small businesses. I look to the small businesses for inspiration, not only in my business, but for my day-to-day life. Not too long ago I close the big business deal. This deal has been in the works for quite some time and it seemed like it had no end in sight. The girls and I went out to celebrate this grand finish and I was given a greeting card with some flowers. Normally, if I was to receive any of these items they would almost always go directly into the garbage as soon as I got home. But this greeting card I got was a little unique. First of all the saying on it said congratulations on giving birth in a tub. My friends thought that this particular card would describe the feeling of this business deal that I just close and they were right.

The small business, I discovered in a greeting card


My friend went on to tell me more about where they got this card since they know how I love to find the small businesses trying to make it or on the verge of success. Later on I in to them, and I loved what I saw. The website is and let me start off by saying I was pretty impressed and what they’re trying to achieve. This is a family that is trying to bootstrap, not only their business but their whole life. Their thing seems to be everything handmade from their handmade greeting cards to handmade home. It seems that their converting a school bus into an RV and they are planning to live in it full-time.

The future of small businesses

I think that it’s important to support small businesses whenever possible. I feel that in this economy that is changing rapidly these types of businesses are more important than ever. As more big businesses move overseas and banks make it more difficult for small businesses to receive any type of funding. Small businesses that bootstrap, I feel will start to become ever more important for their success. This family is taking it to the next step, which I love. They are bootstrapping their entire life from their business to their home. I feel that this will be a more common way of life for most people. As jobs become more difficult to find an intern, it becomes more difficult to maintain a household. I feel people will start looking for alternative ways of income and housing. This family might be ahead of the curve in the method of living that they have chosen. I will keep my eye on them and keep you updated.

My inspiration

In closing, the inspiration that I’ve received from them. That no matter how hard the deal is to close things can always be a little bit more difficult. I can’t even imagine trying to close a business deal with my family in tow. Most of my success has come after my children are grown and are long gone. I can’t even imagine dealing with the stresses of starting any type of business with flock of little children that I am responsible for.

Consulting A Business On Choosing IT Services

As a business consultant I am commonly tasked with auditing and evaluating the IT needs of the company’s I’m consulting. My job would be to determine what their needs are, will be, and what needs to be done to meet these goals. Usually my findings are the same. Normally my findings companies are usually ill-equipped to fulfill their IT needs, both present and future. As this part of my business consulting could possibly be the most expensive part of doing business. At the end of this part of my consultation it is up to me to determine and advise the client what would be the most cost effective way of achieving these goals. Please take a moment to read this IT Service Companies In Miami article.

Experience Matters When Choosing The Right IT Service Provider


With the proper implementation of technology it is possible to save money increase productivity. Automation, organization, communication, etc. are all import factors in making a business successful and profitable. Determining a company’s technology needs is not easy. Especially when preparing for the present and the future. It goes without saying that someone with experience and knowledge to be the right fit to take on this massive undertaking. Fortunately I happen to have both knowledge and experience when it comes to this field. These two factors have helped me significantly in providing business consulting services, because technology is a big part of any modern business.

Well Worth the Extra Money

The cost of adding the technology evaluation to my business consulting package could be quite substantial, because of its importance in the well-being of the business. Because of the substantial cost some of my clients have opted not to include this in their evaluation package. Instead they have tried to complete this task on their own (which I highly do not recommend). Despite my recommendations the ones that have chosen to complete this task on their own continue to do so.

All I could do at that point (in the best interest of my client) is to provide the proper information and tools to help them to be as successful as possible and their evaluation. This is a good site where to start if you decide to do it on your own.

I can’t stress enough if you find yourself in this situation, did not attempt to do this on your own. Let us you have the experience and knowledge you need to complete evaluation successfully, I strongly recommend you hire a professional. At the end of the day it will save you money.

How A Hard-working Businesswoman Can Help You With Sugar Addiction

As a working woman who is always on the go I don’t always have the best choices of food or drink around me. In recent months I haven’t been happy with the way job performing with my clients on the road or in the office I feel I’ve been drinking way too many sugary drinks and foods. I feel that’s what is attributing to the way that I feel. So I’ve started to do research and looking to a healthier lifestyle but it feels so overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.

As I searching the internet I ran to this website I was speaking about the negative effects of different types of sweeteners in your foods and drinks. To my surprise it was potentially a biger contributor to the way that I feel. The way that I feel seems to be coming from all of the refined sugars that I am consuming in the solo that I drink the potato chips eat the candy bars the lollipop that I like to eat after lunch.

Most of not all of these things can contain some type of sugars. To my big surprise even the vitamins I take in the morning that are supposed to be healthy and be getting me started on the right foot for the day had extremely high levels of sugars.

Many give you a couple of examples of how I feel. For instance

  • I feel sluggish in the morning
  • I get headaches through the day
  • have a hard time going to sleep at night

Keeping the weight off and sugar

This photo was taken by Ayelie from

This photo was taken by Ayelie from

In addition to the way that I feel I have a hard time keeping the weight off. For whatever reason my body has a hard time dealing with all of these refined sugars. Now this is just the beginning of my journey and there’s so much to learn that adding this into my day-to-day life feels as if I just added a second job. I know it will be worth it at the end I will keep you updated on my journey and my findings and hopefully in some way this will help you out and for now so I got.

Removing Blood Stains From Fabric

If you are a parent try to get the most use of your children’s clothing and trying to make the clothes last as long as possible then I have some good reading for you. This is a great treatment for one of the toughest stains – blood. This treatment also may apply to other types of stains. Defiantly good steps to remember and keep in mind.

Kids can go through clothes like crazy

As a mom I’m no stranger to stains. I also as a mom am well too familiar with the fact that some are virtually impossible to remove. Amongst the most difficult stains is blood. Kids can go through clothes like crazy. I try to always get the most out of my kid’s clothes. If I’m not replacing clothes because of damage there are plenty of other reasons, such as they out grow them or them wanting to keep in style. There isn’t very much parents can do about that, but I we can address the stains.

Treatments For Stains

So I decided one day to sit and research treatments to remove all kinds of different stains. The best way to accomplish this now a days is on the internet, so out comes my trusty computer (great tool for parents). I came across a site that has a great article about the best way to removing blood stains from sheets. It seemed easy enough. It didn’t require any special ingredients. I said to myself “I can do this, no problem”. I went through the steps and what do know, the clothes end up stain free. The article is called “How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets”, but it surely works on all different kinds of fabrics. If you’re a parent on the search like I was for stain removing treatments take some time and read over this article.

Remove blood from fabrics